Tips to look good in pictures

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Tips to look good in pictures

Tips to look good in pictures

Tips to look good in pictures
Tips to look good in pictures

 It’s uncommon to see a picture of oneself and actually feel content and satisfied with 

the outcome. Either your nose looks too big, or crooked, you have a double chin, look
too fat etc and the list continues. Fortunately with a few good tips you’ll be able to look
your best in pictures even if you aren’t as photogenic as you believe.
    First of all stand up straight even if it’s just for the picture. Standing up straight will
help reduce if not disappear any rolls in your mid section. Standing up straight will 
also elongate your body making you look taller.
   Standing sideways is a good option to simulate a slim body. To this standing position
you can add your hand to your waist for a model like shot. You can practice this pose
in the privacy of your home to avoid feeling awkward in public, when you decide to
pose for a picture.
   Important as well is to find your good side. We all have a side of our face that comes
out better in pictures. Example: you may have one eye more droopy than the other 
one therefore the side with the less droopy eye would be your good side. Taking a 
look in the mirror carefully will help you decide which is your good side.

   These are just a few tips that can help you look your best in pictures. Even though
these are just a few tips they can make a big difference. After trying these tips myself 
I can say they work well for me as I am not too photogenic in my opinion, and I’m 
sure others can benefit from them too. But most important it is to feel good inside
because when you feel good inside you look good on the outside as well.