By Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

Excessive within the crumbling Palace of Statues, oily Vox Verlix - nominally the main excessive Academe yet not more than a prisoner actually - is brewing a negative plot to smash the goblins and the shrykes at a stroke, leaving him loose to take over once more. Rook Barkwater, a tender librarian knight, stumbles upon the reality while he's taken captive and compelled to paintings for Vox. yet can Rook foil Vox's plan and keep the lives of his librarian colleagues? a part of the "Rook" trilogy set fifty years later than the occasions of the "Twig" series - and packed with attention-grabbing new characters and settings that would enthral enthusiasts of the sequence.

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The curtains of the bower twitched. All's good, my buddies, an icy voice sounded in Rook's head. allow us to cross on our manner … Rook grew to become to Felix and grabbed him. there has been a glassy glance in his friend's eyes. ‘All's good, he used to be mumbling. ‘… cross on their method …’ ‘NO! ’ shouted Rook. He grabbed Felix's grappling-hook and threw it on the bower. It snagged on a wood upright and Rook felt the rope pull taut as he lashed the opposite finish to a Mire highway balustrade. The banderbears persisted wearing the bower, straining opposed to the rope till - with the sound of splintering wooden - the upright got here away.

Then he grew to become on Huffknot. His face used to be grim, his voice menacing. ‘But in fact! ’ he acknowledged, an evil smile taking part in on his lips. ‘Hestera Spikesap's slave, you are saying. good i am definite you recognize your method around Vox's palace - the place these traps are and the way to prevent them. How, for example’ - Tytugg leered on the hapless lugtroll - ‘a goblin who desired to pay our so-called so much excessive Academe an unannounced stopover at may get into his own chamber? ’ ‘Unannounced stopover at? ’ acknowledged Huffknot. ‘Personal chamber? ’ He trembled.

Felix nodded. ‘I did not are aware of it used to be you although, Rook, outdated good friend, he stated. ‘Friend¡ pal! ’ the white raven cawed. Felix back to the effervescent pot and stirred the stew with an extended wood ladle. He scooped out a section of meat, chewed part and gave the remainder to Gaarn. ‘I imagine it really is prepared, he acknowledged. ‘Ready! ’ Gaarn proven. ‘Are you hungry, Rook? ’ requested Felix. ‘Hungry? ’ stated Rook. ‘I may possibly devour a tilder! ’ Felix laughed. ‘So may well I,’ he acknowledged wistfully. ‘But i am afraid we are going to need to make do with snowbird, rock-lizard and…’ ‘It sounds perfect,’ Rook broke in.

Now it used to be again to the never-ending toil within the stifling kitchen and he used to be relatively soreness. As he hefted a superb log up into the insatiable furnace, a spasm of weariness racked his physique and it was once all he may do to maintain his eyes open. within the nook of the kitchen, seated on large carved rocking chairs, Hestera and Amberfuce's nurse, Flambusia Flodfox, have been deep in whispered dialog. ‘I gave him 3 drops of your lufwood tincture, similar to you stated, Hesty expensive. ’ Flambusia was once asserting, nodding down on the waif who used to be sound asleep in his chair beside them.

The hammerhead seemed up and grinned toothlessly. ‘Sir, he shouted again. the final grew to become again to Huffknot. A thin-lipped smile unfold throughout his leathery face, revealing an incomplete set of brown, jagged enamel. ‘Looks like i have struck gold with you, he stated. ‘But i do not comprehend whatever, think me. i am her slave. i must do what i am told,’ Huffknot babbled. ‘I was once to convey the pots to the shrykes, simply as I advised you, and go back with a phial i'd receive in go back. ’ Tytugg shuddered. ‘Shrykes,’ he muttered.

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