The Storm (The NUMA Files)

By Clive Cussler, Graham Brown

The exciting new novel within the New York instances bestselling Kurt Austin Adventures…

In the center of the Indian Ocean, a NUMA examine vessel is taking water samples whilst a workforce member spots a patch of black oil sooner than them. however the substance isn't really oil.

Like a horde of military ants, a swarm of black debris from the spoiled sea all of sudden assaults, killing each person aboard whereas the send is going up in flames.

A few hours later, Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala are on their technique to the Indian Ocean. What they locate at the smoldering hulk of the send will ultimately make them realize the main audacious scheme they've got ever encountered: a plan to completely modify the elements on an international scale. The insidious plot will kill millions…and it has already began.

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Appears like they’re loading guns and ammunition onto the nearest one, and that i imagine I see a few ribbed Zodiacs just like the SEAL groups use manage within the staging quarter. ” “Sounds like our neighbors are headed someplace a bit wetter than here,” Kurt acknowledged. “Which quite isn’t a foul suggestion. ” Joe passed the binoculars again to Kurt. “See in the event you can spot a water fountain down there someplace. ” “Sorry, partner,” Kurt acknowledged. “I imagine we simply escaped from the one water fountain during this neighborhood. And it’s out of order.

He’d visible the odd-shaped airplane summers in the past, struggling with fires in Portugal. “They’re converted Altairs,” he acknowledged. “Beriev Be-200s. They’re jet-powered flying boats. They land at the water, scoop up 1000 gallons of the stuff, fly off and sell off it out over a blaze. ” Joe appeared all of the extra baffled by way of this information. “What might Jinn wish with a firefighting airplane that lands on water? There’s now not much out right here which may seize on fireplace, and there isn’t a lot water to scoop up and struggle fires with if there has been.

Kurt spotted an identical ordinary positive factors: a weirdly formed underbelly, great engines set excessive above the fuselage close to the tail, a thick boxy wing part. It seemed anything like a DC-9 or a brilliant eighty or a Gulfstream G5 on steroids and prepare with the incorrect guideline ebook and a host of additional components. “Same type,” Kurt stated. “Looks Russian to me. ” “It does,” Joe agreed. “Might also be a similar aircraft making one other move. ” The gray-and-white jet dropped reduce and reduce, sinking towards the floor as though it have been headed in for a touchdown.

It sounds as if no longer conducive to neatness,” Kurt famous, seeing how where used to be a large number. Junk lay piled in all places, besides outfits and nutrition trays. a pair dozen books have been unfold a couple of desk, a few opened, a few closed and stacked precariously just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In a much nook a trio of the welding robots sat dormant. “A fresh table signs an bad mind,” Marchetti acknowledged as he rigorously extracted a drop of water from the vial, positioned it on a slide and took the slide over to a wide sq. computer that sucked the slide in and started to hum.

You don’t take into accout? ” “Last I take note, we have been being dragged by way of a truck,” he acknowledged. “That was once the excessive aspect of our journey,” Kurt stated, taking a look up. “Literally. ” Joe compelled himself to perk up, an act that looked as if it would reason as a lot ache for him because it had for Kurt. “Are we useless? ” Joe requested. “’Cause if no longer, this is often the worst I’ve ever felt whereas nonetheless alive. ” Kurt shook his head. “We’re alive okay, at the very least for now. We’re simply caught on the backside of a good with no rope or a ladder or the other approach out.

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