The Jewish Dialogue with Greece and Rome: Studies in Cultural and Social Interaction

This quantity contains twenty-seven interdisciplinary essays written by way of Tessa Rajak, a well known student, on elements of Judaism within the Greco-Roman international. The essays derive from the author's long-standing pursuits within the research of texts as records of cultural and spiritual interplay, and in how Jewish groups have been woven into the social textile of Greek towns within the Hellenistic and Roman East. The publication is split into 4 sections: Greeks and Jews, Josephus, The Jewish Diaspora and Epigraphy, and an epilogue, which addresses sleek makes use of and abuses of the Greek-Jewish polarity as exemplified via 3 nineteenth-century writers. students and scholars from a wide selection of backgrounds will profit. This ebook has additionally been released in hardback, please click on right here for info.

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Insights yielded through contemporary sociological paintings on questions of cultural, and ethnic identity—and of those there was a torrent—offers a path to making feel of the mismatch among the 2 sorts of argument. the certainty which has resulted, already now a average, grasps that identities are social buildings, established upon subjective standards in addition to, or maybe greater than aim ones. The perceptions of members should still for this reason play a valuable position in research. In an elaboration of this easy statement cultures are learn as expressions of symbolic identification, relational and moving with context.

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