The Hummingbirds of North America

By Paul A. Johnsgard

Speedy and iridescent, hummingbirds are came across simply within the New global, and surround an awesome number of specializations. No different relations of birds can lay declare to such a lot of superlatives, together with smallest measurement, such a lot quick wingbeat, and such a lot really good plumages. whereas many species might be drawn to feeding stations and yard flower gardens, others are available simply within the wild.

Paul A. Johnsgard's Hummingbirds of North America is the single e-book dedicated to the id, distribution, and biology -- either person and comparative -- of all hummingbirds that breed in North the United States. First released in 1983, this acclaimed quantity now has been revised and accelerated to incorporate twenty-five Mexican species, equivalent to the long-billed starthroat and the fork-tailed emeralds, thereby greater than doubling the species assurance of the unique version. complete species-by-species money owed survey the evolutionary background, anatomical and physiological specializations, and comparative ecology, habit, and reproductive biology of this biggest family members of nonpasserine birds. person money owed are complemented via 24 full-color paintings.

Including up-to-date variety maps, id keys, and a bibliography that has been broadened to incorporate literature at the little-known Mexican species, the e-book is either obtainable to beginner birders and an authoritative quantity for ornithologists.

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