The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

By Gerald H. Pollack

Hold on tight as Professor Pollack takes us on a phenomenal voyage during the innovative of water, displaying us a hidden universe teeming with actual activity.

Everybody is aware water is simply H20... right?

You could be shocked to determine that once traditional H2O touches such a lot surfaces, it transforms into EZ water, aka Fourth part water. This remodeled water is essentially varied. in truth, it does not even proportion an analogous formulation. EZ water is H3O2!

So what?

First off, EZ water isn't infrequent. you will find it all over the place. huge amounts exist in clouds, rain, waves, bushes, or even you. EZ water fills your cells.

Secondly, EZ water doesn't act like H2O. It has its personal set of features living someplace among usual water and ice. because it builds from normal water, it creates electric cost- a battery of types. This strength is used all through nature.

The book.

Pollack writes in a transparent, eloquent variety with anecdotes to spare. a variety of whimsical illustrations and straightforward diagrams aid get his issues throughout in a reader-friendly demeanour completely compatible for non-experts.

Topics diversity from:

• How EZ Water was once came across, and the way this established water appears to be like in simple sight.
• clean motives for plenty of long-held theories, resembling: osmosis, Brownian movement, capillary motion, and the way crops develop.
• colossal implications for healthiness, Biology, strength.

The Fourth section of Water: past stable Liquid has garnered a number of awards together with the International Award of Excellence from the Society of Technical Communication.

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We flip to that subsequent. Charging the Water Battery It was once Jim’s informal, easy-going nature that led us to strike gold — or at the least to discover the identical: a resource of strength nearly loose for the taking. My postdoctoral fellow Jim Zheng and that i were scratching our heads attempting to determine what power stored the EZ charged. We appeared not able to discover a solution. You needed to first construct and cost the EZ; then you definately needed to keep its negativity within the face of confident ions wanting to penetrate and annihilate that cost.

The rising waves might vary from the incident waves as a result of the adjustments simply defined. An incident wave of 10-µm wavelength could propagate in the course of the medium, get absorbed, after which reradiate at, say, five �m or 20 �m, looking on the medium’s personality. Waves passing via advanced media can reradiate at longer or shorter wavelengths (so-called Stokes and anti-Stokes shifts); see determine 10. four. Fig. 10. four Electromagnetic radiation passing via a posh medium. the nature of the radiation may perhaps swap.

There, evaporative procedures may be presumed to take place as defined during this bankruptcy, yet at a discounted price. nonetheless, the room temperature situation implies one of those balance. Accompanying this balance come numerous unanticipated good points that we'll discover within the subsequent bankruptcy. sixteen Water Trampolines: Layering on the Water’s floor Skipping rocks around the water’s floor used to be a teenage ritual. whilst i used to be undefined, a refined pageant prevailed between rock skippers — a try of manhood whose end result may ascertain your most likely good fortune in luring women.

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All experiments have been conducted in pairs. certainly one of every one pair used to be put inside of a metal Faraday-cage protect or underneath a horizontal protect; the opposite used to be ready identically yet left unshielded. The protecting opposed to electromagnetic waves was once a serious function of the experiments. The staff could then degree response occasions within the respective events, for the diversity of reactants. response occasions diversified from in the future to the following, as anticipated. Piccardi spotted, even though, that the suggest values of the response occasions trusted even if the samples were shielded or unshielded.

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