Scorpion Strike

By John J. Nance

In the wake of wasteland typhoon, a defecting Iraqi scientist has printed Saddam Hussein's frightening plans for a devastating counterstrike opposed to his enemies...and the area. without time to spare, American forces needs to remobilize to find and neutralize the underground laboratory the place a deadly super-virus is able to be unleashed. yet an eleventh-hour catastrophe thrusts the complete venture into the palms of Air strength comrades-in-arms Colonel Will Westerman and Reserve Colonel-turned-commercial pilot Doug Harris. Flying into the guts of Iraqi strength, they need to depend upon their skills--and each one other--as by no means ahead of, to accomplish a venture that appears progressively more like a suicide run...

From the Paperback edition.

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There have been no crimson lighting fixtures blinking and not anything to point they'd taken any severe hits from the bullets he had heard. the place the hell is he? Doug had virtually allow himself desire that the MiG were chased off while a mild smudge of smoke at ten o’clock excessive stuck his sight. Oh Jeez! The sumbitch is diving! This used to be the final cross, the Iraqi pilot informed himself. This time he wasn’t approximately to permit a damned helicopter weasel out of his gun-sights. so long as he maintained a steep vertical intercept perspective, the helicopter down there may possibly gyrate in every single place and nonetheless no longer ruin the shot.

Jesus … they have been in there whilst it blew …” Casey used to be someplace among tears and surprise, staring in utter disbelief on the ruined airplane. “I’m … afraid you’re correct. I observed them within the cockpit. ” Moyer was once surprised too. Why have been they nonetheless aboard? How may possibly 3 huge tracked automobiles, all these troops, and a Humvee have made it out and the cockpit team hadn’t? but he knew what he had obvious within the window, and there may were no surviving that blast. “Come on. ” Moyer pulled Casey to his toes, however the sergeant couldn’t tear his eyes away.

Sandra had lain wide awake for hours imagining she heard extra helicopter sounds within the distance sooner than last her eyes, cuddling opposed to Will’s again at one element as he slept—an subconscious act that had embarrassed Will while he woke up and felt her arm round his waist. Quietly he had disengaged, tenderly putting her arm again beside her and smoothing her hair as Doug watched, admiring the gentleness of his outdated pal. It had regularly been that mild nature towards girls that had drawn such a lot of of them to him, Doug discovered.

Will was once the plane commander, yet Doug was once Sandra’s squadron commander. And there has been the truth that Sandra used to be a feminine, and first rate men don’t go away ladies within the barren region. That issue was once chauvinistic and unstated, yet an element still. “Sandra, hearken to me. I fly airplanes with cockpits forty-five ft within the air! Will flies cockpits twenty ft within the air. And neither folks has ever flown a tail-dragger. this can be no time to benefit. ” “That’s B. S. and also you realize it, Colonel, sir. ” She was once disappointed, and the phrases have been impassioned.

NOW! ” the soldier repeated, pushing the barrel of the gun at Shakir with every one observe. His eyes saved darting to the left towards the cockpit front, bracing for a problem. Will grabbed one of many different weapons from along the pilot’s seat and checked the security as he analyzed the location. there has been no means even to work out the soldier from the cockpit with out coming again, which might positioned Will within the line of fireside earlier than he had an opportunity to elevate his gun. there has been just one answer obvious. The soldier must be moved.

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