Resurrection Day (A Storm and Fury Adventure Book 1)

By Gail Z. Martin

A Steampunk brief tale set on the earth of Iron & Blood: A Jake Desmet Adventure.

Department of Supernatural research brokers Mitch hurricane and Jacob Drangosavich are referred to as in to enquire lacking corpses, clockwork zombies and a charlatan health care provider with ties to Jack the Ripper earlier than all hell breaks unfastened.

New Pittsburgh, 1898 – a crucible of invention and intrigue. Born from the ashes of devastating fireplace, flood and earthquake, town is governed by way of the shadow govt of The Oligarchy. within the swarming streets, humans of 100 international locations drudge to feed the engines of growth. the dep. of Supernatural research was once organize to keep up these issues that stay less than, that cross bump within the night... these ordinary circumstances that transcend 'standard' research. Nicknamed ‘Storm and Fury’, Mitch hurricane and Jacob Drangosavich are of the extra artistic brokers, operating in New Pittsburgh and obeying the principles - once they have to.

Includes bonus excerpt from Hell on Heels, a Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter novella through John G. Hartness

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I used to be already out of my bed room and into the lounge. I slid my Glock holster onto my belt and grabbed silver stakes from a wooden block within the middle of the eating room desk. go away me on my own. They’re beautiful and whilst prepared correct, appear like a few form of funky centerpiece rather than a house protection process. i ended on the door. “You coming? ” “Where are we going? And what’s acquired you in any such rush? ” “It takes anyplace from one to 3 days for a vampire to upward thrust. Vampires are made by means of thoroughly draining a residing sufferer.

I dropped my towel and opened the cloth wardrobe for a few boxers. “I’d need to agree, Detective. seems like everything’s within the correct areas to me. ” “Oh for God’s sake, Harker! ” Flynn exclaimed, protecting her eyes. “What? ” I requested, then seemed down. “Sorry,” I acknowledged. “Raised in Europe, take note? your whole American hang-ups approximately being bare kinda neglected me. ” “I suggestion you grew up in Victorian England? ” “Edwardian, to be precise,” I referred to as out. “I used to be born in London in November 1896, yet by the point i'll consider something, what you name the Victorian interval was once over and we have been even more Continental.

90 years previous and whole of piss and vinegar, however the years eventually stuck up with him. We’re conserving the wake this night and the next day, then he’ll be buried over at Union Cemetery. New mausoleum. beautiful fancy. Can’t move the road it sort of feels with no seeing an commercial for them. ” “My sympathies,” Mitch answered and Jacob nodded. Sheffield eyed them warily. “If you’re the following, then there’s a shit hurricane coming,” Sheffield stated. “Always turns out to paintings like that. what's it this time? ” Mitch jumped as much as take a seat at the fringe of one of many fresh stainless-steel post-mortem tables.

Thank you for the information,” Jacob stated. Sheffield frowned. “These zombies, imagine you could take them? ” Mitch grinned. “Sure. With one hand tied in the back of my again. It’s the dwelling you’ve acquired to observe out for. ” “We’ll be in touch,” Jacob stated, heading for the door. “Don’t rush,” Sheffield spoke back. “The final time you men confirmed up, you sought after me to shop a vampire in my mortuary drawer. ” “It was once only for the day,” Jacob answered. “It’s unlike you have been utilizing it. ” “I used to sleep at evening, sooner than I met you two,” Sheffield answered.

It may be done—but it’s dear, and there’s a greater than fifty-fifty probability it won’t paintings. ” “Oh? ” Mitch requested. Adam nodded. “Sometimes, the wear is simply too undesirable to mend. Or the flesh fights the steel and gangrene units in. That’s why we haven’t long gone public with the method. give some thought to the entire warfare accidents, the manufacturing unit injuries. ” He grimaced. “People could clamor for the method, and it’s now not prepared for that sort of scale but. ” He sighed. “On the opposite hand, change joints with gears on a corpse, and all you might have is a metal-bound corpse.

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