Lore and Science in Ancient Pythagoreanism

By Walter Burkert

For the 1st English version of his distinctive examine, Weisheit und Wissenschaft: Studien zu Pythagoras, Philoloas und Platon, Mr. Burkert has broadly revised either textual content and notes, making an allowance for extra literature that has seemed on account that 1962.

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Math. 7. 95-98, cf. Th eo Sm. ninety three. 2iff. particularly the “ first tetractys” o f Sextus 7. ninety five is simply understandable via T h eo ninety four. ioff. For “ the character o f the w h o le,” Sext. Emp. Math. 7. ninety three, cf. Theo Sm: ninety four. four; for the oath b y the tetractys (Sext. Emp. Math. 7. 94), cf. Th eo Sm . ninety four. 6f; additionally the reason most sensible f i b irapaSovra Xcyovrts IJvdayopav in Sextus, and in Th eo tov itapabovra IJvdayopav Xeyovoiv. Theo's resource here's evidently Thrasyllus (93. 18 refers back to the Thrasyllus citation at 87. four; cf.

On Metapontus, cf. Kroll, RE X V 1326. eighty D ok 17 (Brontinus); Alcmaeon fr. 1; father o f Theano, D. L. eight. forty two; husband o f Theano, ibid. Suda s. v. Theano, Iam. vice chairman 267. eighty one Above, n. 17. 32 Von Fritz, RE V A 194-196; Dittmar, Aischines 214ft; successor o f Pythagoras: Anon. Phot. 438b30; son o f Theano: Schol. PI. Rep. 600b = Suda s. v. Pythagoras (Hesychius); D. L. eight. forty three; cf. Iam. vice president 146, Euseb. Praep. evang. 10. 14. 14, Por. vice chairman four, and so on. eighty three His son Mnesarchus: Anon. Phot. 438b29, Iam. vice chairman 265, Schol. PI Rep. 600b = Suda s. v. Pythagoras, Euseb.

Kraay, “ The Coinage o f Sybaris after 510 B . C . ’* Num. Chron. 18 (1958) thirteen- 37; De Vogel, Pythagoras fifty five- fifty seven* forty two The crucial resource is Aristoxenus, fir. 18. in line with Dicaearchus, who refers to oral culture present in his personal day, such uprisings happened ‘‘ all over the place” (fr. 34), and Polybius (2. 39) speaks o f the burning o f Pythagorean awcBpta, utilizing the plural. most likely Aristoxenus desired to gloss over the level o f the anti-Pythagorean actions (von Fritz, Pol 30). Cylon is called because the chief o f the competition; it really is noteworthy that Aristotle names him as opponent o f Pythagoras in his record o f literary feuds (fr.

8f introduces tlje model o f the Pherecydes episodes that's later (p. one hundred thirty five. eleven) attributed to Nico­ machus, the excerpt from Nicomachus needs to commence as early as lam. vice president 248, and Por. vice chairman fifty four, and the Aristoxenus quotation (fr. 18) needs to come from Nicomachus (as fr. 3i=Iam . vice chairman 23 three = Por. FP59). This had already been deduced by way of Rohde, from lam. FP 2 fifty one: Nticofiaxos 8e rd fiev aAAa ovvofxoXoyeT t o v t o i s (Q ii5 f; Levy, assets 116, attributes the Aristoxenus quotation to the 3rd resource o f Iamblichus, the “ handbook**; Diels, D okay 14.

136 I. 37-4 J cf. eight. 15. three^ Por. Abst. four. sixteen. there's a few type o f connection among this and the rjptas Kvafurys at Athens. Hymiu Orph. 26 prescribes, as an delivering for Ge, Ovfitafia tt&v oiripfia nArjv Kvdfuav Kai apMfiaTcuv. — Cf. additionally the function o f beans within the Greek cult o f the lifeless: Plut. Quaest. Rom. ninety five, Lydus Mens. four. forty two; in Rom e: Plin. H N 18. 118. The Flamen Dialis used to be forbidden beans (C. Koch, Der romische Juppiter [Frankfurt, 1937) 34$ 840- O n the Lemuria, above, n. 128, and Delatte, Faba 38ft. O n the Indians, L.

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