Halo: The Flood (Halo, Book 2)

By William C. Dietz


THE COVENANT conflict laptop RAGES ON.


Having slightly escaped the conflict for succeed in, the team of the Pillar of Autumn is pressured to make a leap into Slipspace in hopes of evading the colossal alien alliance hell-bent on wiping out humanity. yet their vacation spot brings them to an historical secret and a good better struggle.

In this far-flung nook of the universe floats a magnificently huge synthetic ring global . . . a build from an extended misplaced race. The humans’ purely wish of survival is to crash land on its floor and take the conflict opposed to the Covenant to the ground.

But they quickly realize that this enigmatic ring global is way greater than it kind of feels. outfitted 100,000 years in the past by means of a civilization often called the Forerunners, this “Halo” is worshipped through the Covenant---a sacred artifact that they wish will whole their spiritual quest for intended transcendence. they're going to cease at not anything to regulate it.

Engaged in a fierce floor conflict, grasp leader and Cortana move deep into the Halo build to discover a dismal mystery; this enigmatic ring global can be the universe’s most deadly weapon. Its objective: the destruction of all sentient existence. For the Forerunners outfitted the Halo to conflict the universe’s so much vicious enemy---a nearly unstoppable and unexpectedly reawakened strength often called The Flood.

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If Halo was once approximately to blow, he desired to be distant whilst the development happened. The cruiser’s keep watch over Room was once a scene of frantic job as Wellsley wrestled with the ship’s nonsentient nav comp, Naval team of workers struggled to familiarize themselves with all demeanour of alien keep watch over structures, and Silva gloated over his most modern coup. The assault were so speedy, such a success, that his Helljumpers had captured a being who talked about himself as a “Prophet,” and claimed to be a huge member of the Covenant’s ruling classification.

The grasp leader noticed the subsequent means element, positioned the hijacked Banshee down on a platform, and entered the complicated through an unguarded hatch. He heard the conflict sooner than he truly observed it, made his means in the course of the intervening tunnel, and peered during the round the corner. As had happened earlier than, the Covenant used to be busy taking it to the Flood and vice versa, so he gave either teams your time to whittle one another down, left the safety of the tunnel, and proceeded to tidy up. Then, desirous to refill his offers, the Spartan made his ghoulish rounds, and shortly was once in a position to equip himself with an attack weapon, a shotgun, and a few plasma grenades.

He observed the dressing and guessed the remainder. “I don’t have the foggiest idea,” he acknowledged. He controlled a vulnerable smile. “But the following time you run into him, you could think of ducking. ” ’Zamamee took a whole leap forward and backhanded the human around the face. Keyes staggered, recovered his stability, and wiped a hint of blood clear of the nook of his mouth. He locked eyes with the alien for the second one time. “Go ahead—shoot me. ” Yayap observed the Elite examine doing simply that, as his correct hand went to the pistol, touched the butt, and fell away.

He gone through the outlet, the hall to an intersection, took a correct, a left, and was once passing via a door while a terrible groan used to be heard over the hyperlink. “The Captain! ” Cortana stated. “His vitals are fading! Please leader, hurry. ” The Spartan charged right into a passageway full of either Covenant and Flood, and sprayed the tangle of our bodies with bullets. He saved operating at most sensible pace, sprinting previous enemies and ignoring their hasty snap-shots. Time used to be of the essence; Keyes was once fading quick.

The placement used to be getting worse. the executive slammed his final complete clip into the MA5B and fired brief, managed bursts. Grunts and Jackals scattered and again fireplace. The ammo counter dropped quickly. a couple of Grunts fell lower than the Spartan’s hail of fireside. inside of seconds, the ammo counter learn OO—empty. He tossed the rifle away and drew his pistol, and persisted firing on the alien forces that had started to regroup on the some distance part of the bay. “If we’re going,” he referred to as out, “we have to move now. ” The dropship used to be formed like an immense U.

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