Collateral Damage (24 Declassified)

By Marc Cerasini

In a distant nook of recent Jersey is a kingdom inside of a nation—a safe haven for fanatical converts and fervent believers. yet in the confines of the secluded Islamic neighborhood of Kurmastan, plans are underway to unfold worry, dying, and untold destruction throughout the United States . . . and to bring one deadly blow to the country's uncovered and weak heart.

On the East coast to oversee the activation of CTU's manhattan workplace, rogue agent Jack Bauer unearths himself within the heart of an unleashed typhoon maybe already too robust to prevent. but when it's not, in twenty-four hours the U.S. should be delivered to its knees through a mystery military grown by itself earth. and there's no one Jack Bauer can trust—because the roots of the phobia pass very deep . . . and frighteningly high.

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Layla Abernathy entered. “You have been correct, specific Agent Bauer. I spoke with Mr. McConnell for my part and he blew me off. ” “What did he say, accurately? ” Jack demanded. She glanced at her notepad. “I’ll quote him: ‘The Federal Bureau of research can't touch upon an ongoing research. ’ finish quote. Then Director McConnell extra a private apart. ” “Go on. ” “The Director stated that Frank Hensley was once a private good friend of his, and that he may really burn in hell ahead of he shared details with exact Agent Jack Bauer of CTU.

Besides a Fox Nuclear organic Chemical Reconnaissance automobile which we borrowed from the military. either devices have scanned the total scene with screens so delicate they can find a chilly germ. ” The CTU operative paused. “I’m sorry, specified Agent Bauer. We came upon not anything. ” Jack was once approximately to protest, whilst Christopher Henderson stepped in entrance of him. “Thanks to your aid, Goodson. great paintings, all of the method round. ” “Thank you, Director Henderson,” Goodson answered, and the monitor went black. Jack sank right into a chair.

Whilst the van reached the logo. Jack confronted Henderson. “Now,” he rasped. Henderson pressed the detonator… 6:53:01 A. M. EDT Broadway Kabbibi cried out while a robust jolt rocked the van. ahead of both guy may perhaps react, the pavement spread out lower than their wheels. The Con Ed van plunged six ft, touchdown atop an enormous steam pipe—part of the monetary District’s underground infrastructure. Noor cursed. “Let me out! ” Kabbibi howled, fumbling with the deal with. “Too late,” Noor whispered. At that second, a moment blast shattered the pipe underneath them.

Morris seemed skeptical. “Serbs operating with Muslims? That doesn’t make experience. ” The monitor at the back of O’Brian displayed photos of body of workers from the NYPD Bomb Squad. The officials have been swarming the roof and ascending the microwave tower on One international exchange middle, amassing the bombs that Jack had defused. “I find out about the spiritual tensions in jap Europe higher than anyone,” Jack stated. “But these males have been Serbs. i do know simply because I spoke to 1 of them in his personal language. ” Jack rubbed his forearm, the place strains of ink nonetheless lingered.

The political meltdown over this hasn’t even all started but. ” Henderson shook his head. “CTU will proceed to protect the remainder of the rustic. yet any more, ny urban is by itself. ” the fellow curled his lengthy arm round Jack’s shoulder. “Don’t fear, Jack, you will have sufficient in your plate with l. a.. ” Jack stepped away, processing every little thing Henderson had acknowledged. With the point out of L. A. , he abruptly remembered his spouse and daughter, knowing in a hurry how a lot he overlooked them. He pulled out his own mobile phone, spotted a textual content message from Teri.

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