China's Cosmological Prehistory: The Sophisticated Science Encoded in Civilization's Earliest Symbols

By Laird Scranton

An exam of the earliest production traditions and logos of China and their similarities to these of alternative historic cultures

• unearths the deep parallels among early chinese language phrases and people of different old production traditions similar to the hieroglyphics of historic Egypt

• Explores the eight levels of production in Taoism and the cosmological origins of chinese language ancestor worship, the zodiac, the mandala, and the I Ching

• presents additional proof that the cosmology of all historical cultures arose from a unmarried now-lost resource

Building on his large learn into the sacred symbols and construction myths of the Dogon of Africa and people of historic Egypt, India, and Tibet, Laird Scranton investigates the myths, symbols, and traditions of prehistoric China, offering additional proof that the cosmology of all historical cultures arose from a unmarried now-lost resource.

Scranton explores the basic similarities among the language that outlined historical chinese language cosmology and that of alternative construction traditions, revealing the connections among the phonetic constitution of the phrases, their glyphs, and their use. He demonstrates impressive parallels among the earliest structures of writing in China and the hieroglyphs of historical Egypt. He examines the eight degrees of production in Taoism and the cosmological origins of chinese language ancestor worship, legendary emperors, the zodiac, the mandala, and the I Ching. He info the basic rules of land-use in historical China with regards to the symbolism of a Buddhist stupa and the Dogon granary, ritual shrines which are additionally the vital image of alternative production traditions. realizing the real meanings of those image complexes additionally unearths the delicate medical knowing of those historical cultures, for those production symbols without delay correlate with our glossy figuring out of atoms and the lively make-up of subject.

In exploring chinese language cosmological traditions, Scranton sheds new gentle at the competition that the sacred wisdom of the ancients is the legacy of an prior tradition who gave primitive humanity the instruments they had to beginning the 1st identified civilizations.

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We pointed out in bankruptcy 10 that the observe khem/khemen, which expresses the Egyptian quantity 8, used to be additionally an old identify for the land of Egypt itself. The 8 elemental deities of Egypt have been noted jointly because the Khemenu. nine So during this means, let's imagine that the cosmological notion of the quantity 8 turns out to were major to historical Egypt in a lot an identical means that the symbolism of the quantity 4 was once to historic China. With the best way symbolism is outlined in China and inside our broader plan of cosmology, we will see that our explorations of the notions of squaring a circle and of reconciling the measures of the heavens with the measures of the Earth convey us again eventually to a signature topic of the cosmological plan itself—the concept that what occurs “above” is indirectly essentially just like what occurs “below.

A clay pot, that may signify a particle of topic on the subject of the formation-of-matter subject, additionally symbolizes a womb within the biological-reproductive topic. as a result of parallel nature of those topics, any interpretation we provide for the which means of a logo calls for us to first claim which production subject we're discussing. it really is transparent that mnemonics have been a huge element of this old production procedure. the belief with mnemonics is to affiliate the ideas we want to research with several types of reminiscence aids that assist you to consider them.

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The 8 trigrams The chinese language time period gua is a possible correlate to the Egyptian note kha, which refers back to the inspiration of manifestation. This phonetic price is the foundation of the Egyptian notice khap, this means that “form, photo, similitude. ” within the Dogon culture, the widespread constructions of subject we understand are defined through the Dogon clergymen as constituting an insignificant picture or mirrored image of a extra basic underlying fact. 7 This Egyptian be aware khap is written with the glyph—a circle that, just like the trigrams of the Yijing, encloses a sequence of strokes or strains.

The observe tema refers to a “roll, booklet, or rfile. ” The Egyptian be aware temi or tem-t capability “to subscribe to together,” whereas temm capability “to compress, to squeeze jointly. ” just like the Dogon be aware to, the Egyptian root tem potential “to write or to inscribe. ”21 As we study the comparative cosmological strategies of Daoism and people of the Dogon and the Egyptians, we realize a development with regards to the Dogon and Egyptian phrases that outline those seven levels of subject. nearly all of the innovations contain phrases which are in keeping with the phonetic root nu.

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