Biggles - Air Detective

By W. E. Johns

This comprises seven brief tales. they're all Air Police tales apart from the final one, that is a moment global warfare tale. those are as follows:-


An ex-RAF Officer is utilizing his airplane to smuggle nylons into the united kingdom, making a choice on them up from a ship.


A infamous US gangster is making plans to assault a Sultan's plane in an effort to scouse borrow his diamonds.


Biggles is going to criminal with a purpose to discover an unlawful air transportation operation for criminals.


Biggles is distributed on a distinct task to avoid wasting a undercover agent, and his info, from Bulgaria.

THE CASE OF the bright PUPIL

An very good flying scholar, who already understands how you can fly, is utilizing his solo flights for unlawful reasons.


Biggles uncovers a smuggling operation from Holland while investigating why a guy was once murdered.


A guy who has designed a brand new airplane is stealing plane for the aviation gasoline they contain.

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He took out a well-worn briar and thumbed tobacco into it pensively. “Ever listen of Toff Gestner? ” “No,” admitted Biggles frankly. “Until I took in this task I controlled to earn my day-by-day crust with out coming in touch with the ropey kinds who preserve you guessing. Who’s Toff Gestner? ” “Hubert Roland have been the names given to him at his baptism. Toff used to be an appellation he picked up later, for purposes which you’ll comprehend if ever you spot him. He’s this kind of well-dressed, handsome, oily-tongued fellows who appear to move crooked from selection.

Under lay the Atlantic, chilly, dreary and monotonous, within the part gentle, rolling away to the sting of the realm on each side other than to the east, the place darkish smudges marked the coastlines of Northern eire and the Western Isles of Scotland. In all that massive expanse of ocean purely ships may be visible. a long way to the north a destroyer was once outward certain at the King’s enterprise. a number of miles to the south a regular salt-water tramp used to be ploughing her approach westward with a wisp of dirty smoke placing like a feather from her funnel.

Yet which may suggest putting in regards to the box evening after evening for weeks, at the off-chance of him coming over,” acknowledged Ginger, aghast. “Not necessarily,” corrected Biggles. “If we whistle he may well come again this night. Algy, I’m afraid you’ll need to take over the following whereas I’m away. ” As he spoke, Biggles took an automated from the drawer of his table, loaded it and positioned it in his pocket. “Bring your guns,” he informed Ginger and Bertie. “We’re facing a guy who not just packs a pistol yet is able to use it—even on a child.

So did his forebears. the result's a set of substantial measurement and ideal caliber. ” “Pretty to determine, without doubt; yet I wouldn’t stand in a queue for a personal view of them,” averred Biggles. “What have they to do with me, besides? ” “Nothing—yet; yet they're giving me a headache,” asserted the Air Commodore. “It occurs that the Sultan, having been trained during this nation, is a tender guy with revolutionary principles, within which, being filthy rich, he can indulge. between different civilised conveniences he possesses an plane, a hangar, and a personal airfield adjoining to his palace.

Videll used to be already there. “What’s the scoop? ” he requested eagerly. “My observe! you progress speedy. ” “That’s what aeroplanes are for,” Biggles instructed him, smiling. “I’m all agog to listen to what you’ve came upon. ” Biggles spoke back: “At eight-thirty day after today morning one among MacRowden’s common provider Scottish west coast steamers will placed into Baltroonie to address freight and passengers. In her shipment are a number of bales of wool—fleeces of black wool. One has a simple yellow label. In it, wrapped within the wool, you’ll locate your subsequent consignment of nylons.

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