ASP.NET Web API 2 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

By Filip Wojcieszyn

ASP.NET internet API 2 Recipes offers you the code to resolve an entire variety of internet API difficulties and query marks that you just could face whilst constructing line-of-business functions. ASP.NET internet API 2 Recipes provides an in-depth reason for every one of those situations and exhibits you ways to exploit net API with an unlimited array of .NET program improvement instruments and exterior libraries, to resolve universal enterprise difficulties. learn the way you could construct customized net prone with ASP.NET internet API extra successfully than ever.

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SetValue(o, Convert. ChangeType(value, propertyInfo. PropertyType)); } else if (propertyInfo. PropertyType == typeof(Guid) || propertyInfo. PropertyType == typeof(Guid? )) { Guid g; if (Guid. TryParse((string)value, out g)) { propertyInfo. SetValue(o, g); } 185 CHAPTER 6 N embody HTTP WITH ASP. internet internet API else { throw new InvalidOperationException("Cannot use non Guid worth on a Guid estate! "); } } else { propertyInfo. SetValue(o, value); } } } The highlighted bits of code express diversified power paths for surroundings the hot estate worth.

Unless(track => song. Starred. HasValue && song. Starred. Value); } } public type music : IValidatableObject { public int identification { get; set; } public string Artist { get; set; } public string identify { get; set; } public int? score { get; set; } public bool? Starred { get; set; } public IEnumerable Validate(ValidationContext validationContext) { var validator = new TrackValidator(); var outcome = validator. Validate(this); go back end result. blunders. Select(item => new ValidationResult(item. ErrorMessage, new[] { merchandise.

Customizing the XML Formatter public type MyXmlMediaTypeFormatter : XmlMediaTypeFormatter { public digital DataContractSerializer CreateDataContractSerializer(Type variety) { var settings = new DataContractSerializerSettings { MaxItemsInObjectGraph = 20, PreserveObjectReferences = real }; var mySerializer = new DataContractSerializer(type, settings); go back mySerializer; } } httpConfiguration. Formatters. Remove(config. Formatters. XmlFormatter); httpConfiguration. Formatters. Add(new MyXmlMediaTypeFormatter()); Customization of the XmlSerializer will be performed within the comparable approach, via overriding the CreateXmlSerializer technique, however it is also performed by means of tweaking the XmlWriterSettings at once.

Zero) go back movement. Null; var extension = filename. Split('. '). Last(); go back extensions. Any(i => i. Equals(extension, StringComparison. InvariantCultureIgnoreCase)) ? base. GetStream(parent, headers) : circulation. Null; } } the opposite alternative, to be had just for MultipartFormDataStreamProvider is, as proven in directory 4-37. that's, to take advantage of GetLocalFileName and, in case the validation fails, throw an exception which has to be competently dealt with outdoor of the supplier. 126 CHAPTER four N content material NEGOTIATION AND MEDIA varieties directory 4-37.

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