By P J Rhodes

Alcibiades is likely one of the most renowned (or notorious) characters of Classical Greece. a tender Athenian aristocrat, he got here to prominence through the Peloponnesian struggle (429-404 BC) among Sparta and Athens. Flamboyant, charismatic (and wealthy), this shut affiliate of Socrates persuaded the Athenians to try to face as much as the Spartans on land as a part of an alliance he used to be instrumental in bringing jointly. even though this resulted in defeat on the conflict of Mantinea in 418 BC, his status remained excessive. He was once additionally a major mover in Athens' subsequent vast strategic gambit, the Sicilian day trip of 415 BC, for which he used to be elected as one of many leaders. almost immediately after arrival in Sicily, notwithstanding, he was once recalled to stand fees of sacrilege allegedly devoted in the course of his pre-expedition reveling. leaping send at the go back trip, he defected to the Spartans.

Alcibiades quickly ingratiated himself with the Spartans, encouraging them to help the Sicilians (ultimately leading to the utter destruction of the Athenian excursion) and to maintain year-round strain at the Athenians. He then turns out to have overstepped the boundaries of hospitality by way of napping with the Spartan queen and was once quickly at the run back. He then performed a devious and unsafe video game of transferring loyalties among Sparta, Athens and Persia. He had a hand in engineering the overthrow of democracy at Athens in prefer of an oligarchy, which allowed him to come from exile, even though he then antagonistic the increasingly-extreme excesses of that regime. For a time he regarded to have restored Athens' fortunes within the warfare, yet went into exile back after being held liable for the defeat of 1 of his subordinates in a naval conflict. This time he took shelter with the Persians, yet as they have been now allied to the Spartans, the cuckolded King Agis of Sparta used to be in a position to set up his assassination by way of Persian brokers.

There has been no complete size biography of this colourful and demanding personality for two decades. Professor Rhodes brings the authority of an across the world famous specialist within the box, making sure that this may be a very major addition to the literature on Classical Greece.


“…this remedy of Alcibiades by way of P. J. Rhodes, essentially the most amazing Greek historians of our time, is winning in bringing probably the most attention-grabbing and debatable characters to a much broader viewers in an clever demeanour that are meant to additionally turn out important as a lecture room textual content… with a masterful regulate of literary and epigraphic resources, he areas Alcibiades in his right context as an finally disastrous determine who used to be, although, profoundly winning in convincing his contemporaries―and posterity as a result―of his value. This ebook is very worthwhile not just to the overall reader, yet as a lecture room textual content for upper-level classes. I may still upload that it additionally presents a superb precis of fifth-century political and armed forces heritage; the inevitably shut assurance of the interval from 412-406 BC, that's fraught with controversy, is principally good.”
Bryn Mawr Classical overview

“…quite informative…a transparent and multifaceted portrait of Alcibiades that are meant to be informative and beneficial for newcomer and veteran reader alike. The e-book has a different educational facet and obviously does it most sensible to attempt for medical objectivity, however it by no means is going as far as to develop into a dry read…”
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10 definitely, he's not continuously and uncritically admiring of Alcibiades. eleven Alcibiades seems additionally in modern literature. There are allusions 2 Alcibiades - Printer PDF__ 15/04/2011 11:20 web page three assets and sleek reports to him within the comedies of Aristophanes and in fragments quoted from misplaced comedies (though a contemporary declare to discover formerly unrecognised allusions to Pericles and Alcibiades, in Aristophanes and in different places, has long past a lot too far12). Preserved with the speeches of Andocides there's (IV) opposed to Alcibiades, which purports to be a speech added via Phaeax, one of many males who in addition to Alcibiades have been threatened with ostracism in 415, yet that is most likely a later rhetorical workout; many of the tales to be present in it, yet no longer all, are pointed out through different assets too.

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